Our Aims

  • Create and improve two-way communication between patients, the practice and the community it serves.
  • To bring a sense of partnership between the practice and patients.
  • Provide an avenue for patient’s input in the way facilities and services are planned and executed.
  • To provide a forum to voice community needs, positive suggestions and interests.
  • Collect patient opinions and experiences to help the practice to evaluate its services.
  • Increase health awareness and promotion.

If you are happy for us to contact you occasionally by email, please fill out the form on the contact us tab.

As patients, our primary role is to work in partnership with the Practice staff to help bring an understanding of services from a patient perspective. We also get involved in helping to give patients a say in the way services are delivered to best meet their needs through discussions and carrying out surveys with other patients, as well as sharing our own experiences.

At the meetings, information about performance and challenges are openly shared with patient members, giving us a great opportunity to confidently discuss (and where appropriate, constructively challenge!) how services are delivered, with the key people who are responsible for those services. It also gives us the opportunity to better understand the wider context that the Practice must work within, not least with changes to Government policy and funding.

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