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What is a Patient Participation Group?

Patient participation refers to patients taking an active interest in their health care. At present, most patient groups (PPGs) operate within GP surgeries and health centres. Their priorities are developed and agreed locally in order to meet the local needs and reflect the interests and energies of the participants.

What can a Patient Participation Group do?

PPGs are voluntary organisations. They should not be exploited, nor should they be overstretched. Groups are invited to Choose areas / activities where they are most likely to succeed, and which would be of most benefit to their own communities, patients and practices.

Helping the practice to improve services

  • Providing feedback from patients, e.g. on appointment systems, consultation times and repeat prescription systems.
  • Carrying out surveys into a whole variety of subjects, e.g. measuring patient satisfaction, health needs, awareness and expectations.
  • Offering practical help e.g. flu clinics within practices – making sure that the patients are comfortable.
  • Exploring the changing needs of patients.

Offering support to other patients

  • Bereavement support.
  • Carers’ group.

Providing Information

  • Offering handouts and support on special days e.g. national no smoking day.
  • Individual patients as “teachers” and expert patients with long term conditions who could help those who are newly diagnosed e.g. diabetes.
  • Ensuring that patient information and advice is as user friendly as possible.
  • Representing the practice locally and nationally when patient voices are needed e.g. collating responses to government healthcare consultations.

 If you are interested in shaping the future of your healthcare, and would like to join our patient participation group, please email us on the contact page.

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